Another year older !

Its my Birthday today!

I am another year older and another year wiser…..

I find however as the older I get the more patience I have. This has never always been the case as I can be a bit impatient, to most of my friends that know me.

But in the last few years I seem to have gain better understanding and patience of the whole “growing up ” thing !

So with my birthday week, I wanted to try and do the things I use to do and add to the things I want to do on my celebration week…..

Well……. All I can say is that I am definitely getting older and no longer need to be on the “IT ” scene.

Saturday – I had dinner with friends in a nice Indonesian restuarant, followed by a “locked in” session at my local bar….. no dont imagine drunken dubauchery as what might have happendd in the past. Instead I was quietly getting drunk whilst reliving fun times with a few friends in a chilled out area.

Sunday – I had dinner at my girlfriend’s house – who is an awesome cook, so good food, good company and good converstaion and I was a happy Chick!

Monday – I made the mistake of deciding that I was heading to a club to bring in my birthday with a fellow virgoan. Needless to say by the time I arrived at the club, saw the queue , waited a few minutes before being escorted in, my ear drums were assualted and I felt like a kindergarden school teacher as I was surrounded by adolescent infants. I arrived at 11pm made the rounds to all in the industry and said my goodbyes by 12.10 and headed home 🙂

Tuesday – Today is my actual birthday and apart from the wonderful surprises that has being delivered to my work or friends dropping off gifts to my office and my assistant arranging a shopping gift voucher for me to splurge, along with all the messages that I have been receiving, I am more than happy to say that I am having a quiet birthday. I am heading to my local bar this evening to catch some live acts to finish off the day.

So does this mean I am turning into an old “foggey” or have I turned in a mature older lady apreciating the quieter side of life….. hmm only time will tell !

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