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Brighton & Hove….

So having lived in the UK for a period of time, it’s taken me a while to discover this small bit of heaven.

Brighton is bandied around quite a bit. However, I have never heard of  Hove.

So I took myself there for the weekend to visit a friend ..


Yes, I am found some tranquillity by the sea… when it’s not invaded by tourists.

Seafront views, with amazing restaurants along the promenade, if seafood is your favourite then you are in the right place and there is even an upside-down house…

If a change of scenery, is what you need, jump on the train from London Bridge to Hove or Brighton and take in the views and fresh air – 60 mins travel of which your lungs will thank you.

Family, couples, friends, even if you are alone , this place will have a getaway for you just to breathe and recharge


Until da the next tyme

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