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Claw & Hammer …

Lately feeling the need for Seafood, decided to check out the Claw & Hammer, having visited teh US sites previously.

I was disappointed at what I received, let’s break this down.

  • food looks amazing
  • shrimps were awesome
  • the broil, plain and no taste – basic where is the spices and pepper that it should have
  • broccoli loved it ….
  • shrimp and grits were good
  • mac & cheese, ok

the atmosphere is quiet at the time I went on a Friday night, and the team were slow in their customer service. a friendly bunch of managers I think, however, the laid-back attitude towards service could have been better


I appreciate that working with palettes can be a challenge, however, this is a brand that I know and love, and it failed me.

Great meeting place thought to catch up wth friends for a drink

It is worth checking out as the shrimp starter was amazing, you really can’t go wrong with shrimp, and if you ever wanted to try American grits , head over to the Claw & Hammer


Until da next tyme


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