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Eurostar – London to Paris

Recently I took to train travel again and re-experienced a trip on the Eurostar to Paris from London

The Eurostar is a high-speed train service that connects London with Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam via the Channel Tunnel. It’s an excellent option for travelers who want a fast and comfortable way to get to their destination.

When you book a Standard Premier ticket on the Eurostar, you can expect a few additional perks compared to the standard class. For instance, you’ll have more spacious seats, with more legroom and wider armrests. You’ll also be served a light meal and drinks at your seat, which is a nice touch for those looking for a little extra comfort during their journey.

Regarding the seating in Standard Premier, you can expect a comfortable and relaxing experience. The seats are arranged in a 2-1 configuration, which means you’ll either be sitting with someone else or have a single seat to yourself. You’ll also have access to power outlets, which is useful if you need to charge your devices during the journey.

You arrive in Paris in just over 2 hours refreshed and ready to explore the city .

Bonjour Paris !


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