My Last night !

Following my last blog, it finally happend.

My last night arrived…. now I can sit here and be sad and disheartened that I am leaving the most magical place on earth to me, or that I am leaving a cherished and loved one behind……

However I am an optimnist as I always belive that the glass is half full instead of half empty, so with that in mind, I know that I will be back so I am looking forwrad to going home , knowing that Sharm will once again welcome me on my next visit.

I have met some really cool people on this trip and ones that I plan to stay in touch with , as I have discovered that Sharm is a very small place and everybody knows everybody who are in residence here.

So while chilling with my new found friends discussing mundance stories such as nappies, recycling, female issues, and the local taxi drivers it was nice way to end my time in Sharm and totally appropiate, as I felt at home…..

Now I am firm believer that home is where your heart is…. and since 2007 my heart has been in Sharm, so I think that this maybe my future home 🙂

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