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Self-care travel tips for the holiday season….

For many people, the festive period can be as stressful as it is exciting. so take some time and practice self-care 

Pack melatonin for long-haul flights

Nothing impacts my mental health quite like missing sleep. Even with more than a decade of travel under my belt, unchecked jetlag still squashes any hope of exploration upon arrival if I’m travelling more than five time zones away. Taking a couple of melatonin gummies on a long-haul flight has been a game changer for me and is now one of my top self-care travel tips. 

Melatonin is the hormone our brains produce in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. I wake up less groggy than taking sleeping pills because it’s a naturally occurring hormone, and it allows me to take on my day once I land — just like I would at home. 

Create healthy boundaries and stick to them

With this time of year comes all types of events, like family get-togethers, corporate celebrations and Friendsmas gatherings. It can feel overwhelming to be outside your comfort zone — especially when an event requires you to travel. 

Create boundaries for yourself that allow you to preserve your energy. Don’t feel obligated to stay with a friend if you’d rather take some space and book a hotel. Stick to your vegan cuisine no matter what your conservative uncle has to say. Drink sparkling water with lime in a fancy glass to avoid coworkers questioning you about your sobriety. Whatever your boundaries are, create an action plan to stick to them regardless of any social awkwardness. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones reduce the distracting background sounds of the airport and allow me to relax in the terminal. The noise-cancelling feature also allows you to listen to your device at a lower level, which can prevent hearing loss over time. Investing in a good pair is one of my self-care travel tips that sets you up for the future, too.

Add an empty, reusable water bottle to your carry-on

Packing your own water bottle allows you to stay hydrated on the go. I also like to pack Liquid I.V., my favourite powdered electrolytes, to add an extra punch of hydration when I’m on long flights. Fill up the bottle in the airport after you cross security and you’re not only contributing to your health, but also creating more sustainable travel habits. Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee to excess when you travel, because they both are dehydrating and can contribute to anxiety. 

Invest in high-quality travel day attire

There are few things better than being cosy and feeling put together. Have an outfit that allows you to feel your best while you’re battling the stress of holiday travel. My go-to travel day outfit is a matching sweatpants set that fits well. It’s polished enough not to look sloppy, and also comfortable enough to allow me to curl up in my seat and enjoy the ride. 

Utilise any extra points and miles for an upgrade

It’s not an exaggeration to say that utilising points and frequent flier miles has changed my life and the way I travel. Most people earn status on airlines by using a rewards credit card connected to an airline status program. If you aren’t accumulating miles or points toward a program every time you fly, then you are leaving money on the table that can be used for future free flights, hotel stays and, yes, upgrades. There’s nothing like being able to sleep in a lie-flat bed — that you paid for with points— while flying to your destination. 

Pack a fully charged power bank

I was recently on a trip where there were no outlets on the plane. I boarded with a 20 per cent battery, and it was a long flight. But worse was the chaos that came with trying to find an outlet and a converter in an international airport so I could charge my phone, access my hotel information and call an Uber. Those little power banks are not just a bit of travel peace of mind, but they’re also a safety consideration when you have to access important travel details on your phone. 

Schedule self-care

When we’re visiting friends and family, it’s easy to prioritise loved ones over yourself. This also happens when we’re on vacation. Many people try to squeeze in every activity and schedule every second of their trip. One of my self-care travel tips is to remember that you are important, too. Make time to relax and give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Even if that just means pretending to do some last-minute holiday shopping so you can spend an hour at a coffee shop blissfully alone. 


Until da next tyme


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