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Vegas baby ….

So it’s official, I use Vegas as my hang-out spot on a weekend.

It’s another year and another trip to experience the Super bowl.

If you have never visited Vegas, here are a few reasons why you should

  • The hotels
  • The Food
  • The Shows
  • The Attractions
  • The Spas
  • The Nightlife

Its a once in a lifetime must-see and experience….The land of Fantasy, its not just the gambling capital of the world.. or so they say

From seeing the Grand Canyon, helicopter rides over the strip, the Hoover Dam, and Freemont street zipline, there is plenty to do and see.

Each year my team and I make a visit just for sheer pleasure and to let off steam, as you work hard you need to play just as hard 🙂

So put it on your bucket list and enjoy 🙂

Until da next tyme


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