6 steps and products to avoid travel face …….


Yes, at one time we all suffer from it ….. Travel Face 


Under-eye circles, desert-like skin, and chapped lips are the telltale signs of the dreaded condition known as “flight face.” Luckily, with the right products (some splurgy, but worth every penny), and the correct application, you can actually step off the plane feeling human — and even refreshed. Here, your guide to treating a redeye like an in-flight spa. 
1: Aubrey Organics Therapy Cleansing Wipes
First, you’re going to take it all off; your makeup, that is. These inexpensive face wipes from Aubrey Organics remove any cosmetics and excess oil from your face, providing a clean slate for product application. Bonus: They work well on sensitive skin.
2: Boscia Tbubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask
Apply a sleeping mask before dozing. This gem from Boscia is completely translucent, yet packs a serious moisture punch, delivering baby-soft skin when you awake.
3: Kat Burki Beauty Elixir
Once more, wipe down with those trusty face wipes and spritz with this refreshing mist from Kat Burki. The electrolyzed water is infused with Vitamin C, aloe leaf juice, lavender, and tamanu oil to give an added layer of hydration and a cool wake-up spray.
4: Amala Hydrate Oil Treatment in Jasmine
During flight, all the moisture gets sucked right out of your skin . Here’s how to make up for the damage. Press eight to 10 drops of this oil in your palm and rub into your face and neck. This hydrating treatment from Amala not only gives you that coveted glow-y look, but also smells heavenly. The best part is that one carry-on-sized bottle lasts forever.
5: Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Cream
Next, you’ll want to seal in the oil with a cream or lotion. This option from Eucerin is one of the best buys in beauty (less than $10), and it’s chock-full of Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene. The company also makes an SPF version if you’re landing during daylight hours.
6: Amala’s Hydrating Eye Treatment
Finally, your peepers take the brunt of the damage during a long haul flight. Top off your face with a small amount of this rich cream, dotting around the entire eye area and over the lips, too.

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