Aircraft 479772  480, Missy E

A Fair Tax on Flying ……

Aircraft 479772  480, Missy E

Hey peeps,

As a traveling queen, this is something close to my heart so I need your support as I know in some shape or form we have all been hit by this especially if you travel frequently from the  UK.

Travellers from the UK pays the highest Air Passenger Duty (APD) than anywhere else in the world ….. harsh but the truth …

Is it because they think the £ is strong so they add more ???

Whatever the reason a family of 4 feels the pain every time they take a trip. So what can be done?

As a single traveller, I am constantly hit with these high fees which make travelling an expensive hobby….

It is believed that currently, we pay nearly 400% more APD than any other country in Europe….

If that number doesn’t work for you, then click on the link below and register your vote …..

Until da next Tyme !

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