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A few more days ….

Hey peeps,

So in a few short days , I will be back in my travel mode…..

First stop I will be heading to see my girl in Germany in the Mountains to have a good catch up and get reacquainted with Mr Caramel and Mr Hazelnut for a long weekend 🙂

That is then quickly followed by my first visit to Nigeria, to see what all the hype is about , hang with my sweetheart and take in the local specialties . I am looking forward to this , as there is such a huge stigma with Nigeria  that I need to see how true / untrue it is.

Upon my return I am in town for a mere 7 days then I head off to sunny Miami &  Jamaica for some sunshine  and rare chat with Mr Wray & Nephew. This trips should be awesome as I am hanging with my girls and one of them has never visited Jamaica ,so its always great  to see it through a newcomers eyes.

I am back in the UK for Christmas then head to Houston for my 3 days for my friends Wedding ….. I love travel mode !!!

Until da next Tyme !

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