Adventure coming to an end ….


Hello people,

I can’t believe it it is finally coming to an end………

My adventure is finally over, it’s been an amazing ride in the last 18 months.  I have lived in Jamaica , partied in Jamaica and ate my life away to some amazing food .

Jamaica is an experience and not just a place for the summer holidays, the culture, the people, the history , the music and the scenery is a must see….




Don’t get me wrong, its paradise depending on which side of the block you live on, however we must not forget that that is small island in the big scheme of things is still a developing country and therefore is susceptible to all the growing pains that a third world country must endure.

I have experienced power cuts , water cuts and internet failure… why ???? with only one provider of each on the island, money talks and they can pretty much do what they want.


Overall it has been an amazing experience, …..Jamaica is seen as  poverty ridden country, but I can assure you there is money here…. from the high end cars that I have seen and driven in as well a the luxurious houses , I have visited , there is an under lying wealth that is prevalent in Jamaica….

is this working class money ? or is this elite society that has made Jamaica their home……. unfortunately my conclusion that its the latter.


Jamaica has a small amount of people that was born with money here on the island , the rest are outsiders that has made Jamaica their playground….

whatever you want , you will always find it here in Jamaica……  have enjoyed my time here , it has been relaxing and a life learning curve, I will be back whether be it for a vacation or for good, only time will tell …..


Until da next tyme 

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