Bedroom 1285156  480, Missy E

Another adventure ….

Bedroom 1285156  480, Missy E

Good morning all,

So in a few days, I will be stepping onto another Virgin flight and jetting off again to another few cities   🙂

This time I am heading to Miami and Jamaica 🙂

Travelling for me is like a drug, whereas most people relax on a beach, my relaxation and peace of mind start the minute I step on the plane … it’s like a weight off my shoulders and all the stress from work, life just slips away.

I am indeed very fortunate that I am able to do so much travel as I am aware that there are some people that have never experienced a plane or even leave their country of origin.

I am grateful that I am able to share my experiences with others and offer advice on where I have been and what I have seen 🙂

This is another chapter, so stay tuned!

Until da next Tyme!

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