Bon Voyage…….

Hello all,

So today, I am leaving my comfort zone and heading to pastures new….. The sunny shores of jamaica.

This is the start of my new adventure, and a different direction, I am sure there will be plenty of challenges to face, however, that is what makes life interesting 😉

So as my journey begins, I get an idea of what may be in store ……

I arrive at Gatwick airport and my flight is fully booked with Jamaicans either returning home or families heading home to visit, there is very few tourist on this flight…. This maybe because this flight is heading to Kingston, the heart of Jamaica , and not the touristy area of Negril, or Montego Bay.

I am happy to see a lot of older couples returning home to the sunshine where life is easier and they can sit back and relax!

I am also happy to see younger generation travelling, whatever their journey and what it has in store for them

What I can see is the different breed of class of Jamaicans on this trip.

So you have the older sophisticated couple , well dressed and seemingly middle class , then you have the young crew just taking life one day at a time , this is followed by older people trying to still believe they are young….

Then we have the colourful people , the ones that think the brighter the colour the better it looks if they wear all the colours of the rainbow all at once 😉

Yes this adventure will be an eye opener ……..

Watch this space ….

Until da next tyme!

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