Flying to Dalaman….

So once again I am in travel mode, and this time I decided to fly from Manchester International airport, rather than London.

I now understand why london has cornered the market as the best place to travel from in the UK…..

Arrival at the airport doesn’t excite you that you are travelling, then if you are travelling from terminal 2 the distance is great – so ensure you plan in advice.

Be prepared for long security checks in an area which is primitive in this modern age.. the queuing system reminded me of prisoners queuing to go to the yard when they are doing hard time.

The fact that the security space is small makes it slightly claustrophobic…..not sending me to my happy travel place!

When you arrive in the shopping area/ gates, it’s all compact and accessible, so you are able to swing between shops with relative ease before heading to your boarding gate.

I must say travelling from Manchester is fascinating…..Mancunians are hilarious when they speak, their accent is super interesting and standing in aa queue with them at 7am in the morning, is highly entertaining 🙂


Until da Next Tyme

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