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Flying Virgin to Nigeria…..

Hey y’all,

So being a travelling queen,  I spend most of my time on a plane to get to my exotic destinations right??

So it’s obvious that I will notice differences if there are any, in service standards provided by a company.

Virgin is my favourite airline and my flight to Lagos was challenging…I can understand the frustrations the crew faces as Nigerians heading home is in a zone of their own.

This also applies when I am flying back to the Caribbean, Jamaicans are the same …. what is the reason ???? why do we feel the need to be outrageous and disruptive ??

I found the Nigerians travelling home rude, loud and obnoxious, they ignore instructions and refuse to adhere to what they are advised to do.

This was my first flight to Lagos and I can only comment on what I experienced and what I observed, I am sure maybe not all flights to Lagos are like this one…. however I was ill prepared for what was unfolding during the journey.

Arrogance plays a big part in some Nigerian attitude,  and whilst I am not stereotyping, I can only comment on the attitude I observed during my flight, as a result, I noticed the crew service level dropped dramatically even to customers who are non-nigerians, it was shocking!

We all know that flying can be tedious and arduous at the best of times, but we must be prepared to adapt as not only are we sharing airspace, we are sharing personal space for a period of time during a flight

Be prepared when flying to Nigeria for some loud attitudinal people, bad smell, and arrogance in abundance.

Even when you turn left it still exists!


Until da next Tyme!

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