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Franziskaner hotel……..

Hey peeps,

Ok so I am hanging out with my girl at the coolest hotel with the best food…..

Ok let’s talk about the food, the onion soup is amazing, the pasta is to die for and the steak is out of this world……

Ok let me break it down, the hotel is located by the Wied, near Waldbreitbach, in the Wiedbachtal.

This area is a quiet, nature and relaxing town, I have found that each time I visit I am always revived and relaxed.

Ok so if you are In the area and want to have a steam / sauna in the mountains, right opposite the hotel is a gorgeous little spa , that will be a delight to use.

If you are an avid rider, this area is the coolest for riding….. I saw a few quad bikes on my journey.

If you are into nature, there is a an abundance of cows, deers and horses, as it’s a national park, the wildlife is amazing.

So if you are ever in the area, stop by the hotel and ask for Kathleen ( Hotel owner), she is great….. Ask for a glass of ice and she will know who sent you!

Until da next Tyme

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