Holidaying in Turkey – Oludeniz

My first trip to Turkey, and my first impressions are the similarity to sharm el sheikh.

These resorts are based for tourism, and that is their main trade so the go all out to engage the tourist, no matter how garish it may seem to us, but it works and it’s all good fun.

Their is a range of places to see, activies to do and a range of food to entice any palate.

There is a must visit to Yaka Park and Sakilient Gorge…. its a must see, take a walk down the waterfall, but be prepared that it’s cold Mountain spring water so it’s freezing by western standard, but in 40 degree heat its a welcome cooling reprieve.

For the daredevil amongst you, you can sit in a cold lagoon for 15 minutes and it you survive, your food is free :)…good luck!

If that is not enough adrenalin, then paragliding down the mountain in tandem with a teacher is the way to go…

Like Egypt, Turkey sewage system is not quite ready so be prepared if you are told not to flush toilet paper down the loo, but to place in a bin, they are still working on resolving this….

The best thing I can say it stands above Egypt with , is that there is no hassle here, once they entice you and you say no, they respect that which is a huge plus in my book.

Overall on my first visit here, it’s a plus and I will be returning…..


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