Jamaica hidden Treasures …..

Good afternoon ,

So often we hear about Jamaica and the negativity of this small island, that we forget that Jamaica has a beauty to it also.

Like every country Jamaica is plagued with both good and bad, with a corrupt government and fledgling economy, it struggles like the rest of the world.

Since my relocation to this island I am learning more and more of the secrets that it holds.

In what seems like a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Kingston , nestle on the hills, are some amazing views and spectacular Villa homes that you question if you are on the right island.




Welcome to Harmony Hill ……



A Luscious oasis of green and luxury ….





luxury and comfort is the order of the day…..





With Stunning views to die for….


Yes this is JAMAICA !!! and as I continue my exploration journey, I know that I will discover much more of this amazing island.


Until da next Tyme!  

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