Jamaica style partying….

Hello people,

So in the months I have been here I have been trying to get an angle on the partying scene here in Jamaica

So let me try and break it down what I have observed.

Jamaica like anywhere else it is just as pretentious, people want to give a different impression that the one they live in their day to life.

So you have the working man class party which will be a street dance on the corner of the street in their local neighbourhood.
you can be guaranteed that this party will be a lively one and pure fun as there is no airs and graces….

You then step up the ladder to upper working class, this crew will go super dressy to a venue and they will try to act like the next class of people. These are aspiring young professionals needing to be seen in the right places and with the right people. They spend their time networking the room and being seen.

Finally you get the upper class, now these people just hang out at the trendy places, they don’t need to make the effort as they ain’t trying to make People want to befriend them so they stick with the circle they know.

And there you have it people…. now I am sure that jamaica would like to think it has more classes of people but the above is the basic

I try to see how each class interacts, as it’s always interesting..

Tonight I am hanging with the upper working class and upper class in one spot…The Regency Bar

So will keep you posted.

Until da next Tyme!

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