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January is one of the best months for travel …..

Zen 2040340  480, Missy E

Holiday travel might be one of the most trying experiences of the year, but the reward for it is has arrived: Now that Christmas and New Year’s are over, you’ll find the best travel deals of the winter—in the “dead weeks” of early and mid-January.


According to TripAdvisor data, travellers save about 25% if they take their trips during these weeks.

To kick-start your post-holiday travel getaway (because, frankly, you deserve it), check out the following areas below:

  • The Caribbean 
  • Italy – Skiing in the Dolomites 
  • The Galapagos Islands 
  • Bhutan 
  • Southern Africa
  • Thailand – Phuket 

All of these places are offering some amazing deals with as much as 30-45% off.

Happy Holidays 

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