Living in Jamaica #1

Hello people

It’s a sunny sunday afternoon on what should be a relaxing day with friends family and good food….. or so I thought…

So tell me why for the last 2 hours there has been no electric in my block and the entire neighbour all the way to halfway tree!

Welcome to living in Jamaica….

Yes, this is the side that tourism doesn’t see, can you imagine in the western countries a power outage for 2 hours are more??? Really, I can just see london electricity and powergen trying to explain that to its customers without some sort of compensation….hmmm

What we forget is that jamaica is still a 3rd world developing country even though it likes to play with the big boys and wear big boy pants and shoes, its still an infant playing dress up.

Coupled that with the mentality of the people and their work ethics of don’t worry take your time, jamaica will always be fighting a losing battle to be taken seriously in the business world .

So what most Jamaicans at home are doing now is sleeping or gisting as there is nothing else to do….

I have gadgets and power chargers, but they will need re charging if JPS doesn’t get its ass into gear and restore the electricity…

Let’s see what they do when I hit them up for compensation for my fridge de frosting…that should be interesting .


Until da Next Tyme

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