Living in Jamaica….


‎Hello people!

So I am living the dream that most people wish they could….I am living on the beautiful sunny island of Jamaica….yep you read right!

Now with all good things there comes a downside, so while I have amazing heat, beautiful sunsets, amazing food, white beaches……there is downside…

*Tell me why there is no water in my house for the last 3 days when they like to charge u huge amounts to provide it in the first place.

* why is there an egg shortage where it’s cheap to raise chickens.

* why people building a house until 8pm at night

Telling you adapting to Caribbean life is challenging and sometimes it’s worth it, other times…….However when I wake up to view such as this, it balances 🙂 




Until da next Tyme!

IMG 20140407 101727, Missy E

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