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Most expensive holiday fly dates ….

Maldives 666122  480, Missy E

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So with two months into the year ,we are now starting to thinking of holiday plans  ….

The Flight Center UK has revealed the worst dates to fly this year.

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of your flight, like location, airline and when you book.


But no matter how far in advance you secure a seat, you are always going to be landed with a pricey airfare at certain times of the year. Parents of school-age kids will know what we mean.

With that in mind, Flight Center UK has crunched the numbers and revealed the 10 worst dates to fly in 2016. Let’s take a look at when they are – and why you’ll pay through the nose to fly on those days.


12 February

A popular time for winter sports, prices are reaching their peak for school half-term


24 March

Extra demand on the Thursday before the Easter weekend will drive prices right up.


13 April

This one is particularly busy for flights to Thailand as they celebrate Songkran, their New Year’s Day.


27 May

According to Flight Center UK, the spring bank holiday weekend is a popular time of year to hit the Mediterranean, pushing up flight prices.


11 June

England’s opening game in UEFA Euro 2016 will make travelling to France pretty expensive. Try to sidestep 10 July too, as that’s the date of the tournament final!


1 July

The beginning of July marks the beginning of the summer period, with prices to match. Those looking to get away a bit earlier may struggle too as price rises are likely to begin a few days beforehand.


21 October

Of course, this is when the autumn half-term holidays kick off. Avoid it at all costs.


6 November

Thinking of flying to New York? Pick another date. 6 November is likely to be expensive as people go to watch or participate in the New York Marathon.


24 November

Travelers are likely to choose 24 November to fly to America for Thanksgiving holiday celebrations so you should try and dodge this date too.


22 December

Prices for flights to Australia and New Zealand will have started to rise from 12 December so by this point they will have reached their peak. They start to fall again in early January so it’s better to go then.

It’s important to know when the seasons change so that you can get the cheapest ticket possible as even a few days can change the price of your airfare significantly. There are plenty of different things you can do to secure a cheaper flight ticket, from making use of an air mile credit card to cashing in your loyalty points, like Clubcard or Nectar.

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