Negril. Gastronomy Paradise

Hello people,

It’s easter weekend , so I decided to check out what Negril has to offer….

Well bwoy was I in for a treat…

The west end of Negril is undiscovered for restaurants.

Tourist are told it’s safer to eat in the hotel and not explore, but jamaica is a foodies paradise, there are so many hidden treasures, it’s amazing.

I explored some of the main road restaurants that provided delicacies to die for.

The Hungry Lion delivers a jerk fish steamed in foil stuffed with scotch bonnet, scallion with callalloo… served with plantain, vegetables, or potatoes or rice and peas..

If that doesn’t tempt you then the pan fried snapper in ginger with lemon grass with plantain and rice and peas is another mouthwatering alternative..

During all of this you are surrounded by an artist haven, with art from local artist that are vibrant and a quiet but funky decor that sets the ambience, you could forget you are in Jamaica

However 5 minutes down the road, you can pop into Caio Jamaica and try the Shrimp scampi or the Scotch bonnet snapper.

I can guarantee that if you are not a food when you arrive in Jamaica, you will be by the time you leave!

Happy eating


Until da Next Tyme

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