New Beginnings ….

Two years ago, I  made a decision that is now coming to fruition….. In exactly one month 🙂

I  decided to start a new life elsewhere , having being in the UK for more than 20 years, it has become apparent that life here is changing, and for some people for the worse not for the better.

In my instance, it has become stagnant, not better or worse just BORING ..

Do I wish to live the rest of my days being BORED ….. hell no, my diva attitude will not allow it  🙂 I have too much life

So I made a decision that I would leave the shores of the UK , the only decision was where to go …….

As a frequent traveler I had many  choices, there are so many awesome places in the world that I could head to,  be it the US , Europe, Egypt the Caribbean or really put it out there new Zealand ( family ).

However I decided to head back to my roots ……..JAMAICA

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There are so many little faucet to this little island, that many people don’t know, but the minute you hear JAMAICA, you think of Sand, wedding sea, and Sun … basically PARADISE.

Yes I am heading to create my own little paradise 🙂

The transition I know will be challenging and daunting , but I am looking forward to it….I will be writing about my new experiences in the next coming weeks/ months …

Life is too short to waste it, so I am making mine count 🙂


Until da next Tyme!

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