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Proposed Action…….

Mountain 1504197 1280, Missy E


Dear all,

Britain has finally got it together and is hosting the Olympics for 2012…… Its bad enough that the country may not be ready, but now the border control is about to add chaos in the mix, by considering strike actions ….. really !!!

please read below ……..

Employees of the UK Home Office, affiliated with the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), voted for strike action on 26 July, one day before the start of the Olympic Games. Various staff members throughout the Home Office will participate, including the UK Border Agency, the Identity and Passport Service and Criminal Records Bureau. In addition, PCS leaders have warned of additional measures, including an overtime ban and work-to-rule between 27 July and 20 August.

Analysis: The PCS union is engaged in a long-running labour dispute over job cuts, salaries and privatisation. If strike action proceeds as planned, disruptions to border control services at airports and other ports of entry are possible due to staff shortages at passport and customs controls. In particular, airports in London would be significantly affected, as operational capacity is expected to be strained during the Olympic period, which sees a large increase in travellers to the UK. Talks between government representatives and PCS leaders are ongoing, and it is expected that officials will make a considerable effort to resolve the dispute before 26 July. If an agreement fails to materialise, airport authorities are expected to implement extensive contingency measures to prevent significant delays. However, of all Home Office employees affiliated with the PCS, only 20 percent participated in the strike ballot and as such agree to participate in industrial action. This may indicate a low overall participation rate in the strike.

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