Air 84675  480, Missy E

Some Useful Travel tips

Air 84675  480, Missy E

Hey peeps,

Lets get straight to the point, how many of you plan your holiday and when it comes to packing you take everything but the kitchen sink…. go on be honest.

Trust me I have done it a fair few times, so I thought I would share with you some helpful tips that I find useful. These are things that you know already.

    1. A hard back suitcase is best, trust me !


    1. Pack a week before not the nght before , so there is less chance of you over packing with items that you dont need.
    2. If you travel frequently, then make a list of items – it is sooooo useful


    1. Roll your clothes instead of folding, it frees up more space.
    2. Ladies, pack items that you can mix and match over a few days, as you won’t wear everything anyway especially if the weather is hot


    1. Have a well made Sarong, it can be worn as 3 outfits if you work it right!


    1. Pack one decent pair of shoes/ slippers that can be worn with anything


  1. Carry one bag on the plane and dress the part so that you look like a well seasoned stylish traveller
  2. Travelling to a hot country , linen is the way to go and white
  3. Change your currency in the destination that you are heading to, you will recive a much better rate.
  4. Learn a few phrases such as hello , thank you and good morning, in the local language, as they will appreciate it and be more helpful.
  5. Learn to tip
  6. SMILE !

I will post some more soon !

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