Rome 62819 1280, Missy E


Hello Everyone,

Rome … what more can I say. So much history in just stating the name alone.

As you leave the metro and exit, it hits you…. this amazing monument is directly in front of you with all its majestic awe… We had a wow moment as soon as we saw it …

It’s a huge location and if you want to see the dungeons where gladiators were kept/ lived you need to book in advance as it sells out quite quickly.

there are lots of information on the inside including a comprehensive model and pictures to explain what happened on fight days etc.

You can easily spend 2-3 hours soaking up information and there are free water taps around the site as in the sun it can get quite hot.

if you are a history fanatic, this is your heaven…. or if you are just fascinated with life back then, this is a must see …

Until da next Tyme

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