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Cape Verde Experience ….

Cape Verde can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. The country spans 10 different islands of volcanic origin and several dozen small islets. The archipelago has a semi-desert, sub-tropical mix of climates. Every island boasts its own distinctive culture and selection of landmarks and attractions. There are all kinds of islands to explore; each of them offering a different experience, hence the art of “island hopping” is very popular here, with tourists travelling across multiple islands to experience everything this fascinating archipelago has to offer.

Eclectic Archipelago

Cape Verde is famous for its eclectic mix of music and cuisine; its charming local villages, numerous volcanoes (most but not all of which are extinct), amazing weather, and its unique culture that is a blend of Portuguese, African and Brazilian cultures. Cape Verde’s islands are divided into two groups, the Barlavento Islands (windward islands), which are: Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista. Then the Sotavento Islands (leeward islands) are Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

Cape Verde was colonised in the 15th century by the Portuguese and was a prosperous trading port for centuries. Today, the islands enjoy a strong, service-oriented economy that focuses on tourism and internal growth. The small island nation is one of the fastest developing in the world, having been transformed in the recent decades from a quaint remote getaway to an impressive, first-rate tourist resort. A wonderfully diverse holiday destination – definitely add Cape Verde to your bucket list.

I visited the island of Sal and I was not disappointed to what the island has to offer.

In a mere 6 hours –  direct flights from London Gatwick will get you to what I call “Europe’s Caribbean”

Fresh fish is in abundance on the island, from Lobster, Tuna,  and many more so eating out locally is highly recommended, and can be quite cheap.

There are lots to do if you are an adrenaline junkie, from sailing, Kite Surfing, scuba diving, of just plain sitting on the beach (myfavourite) There is something for everyone. The hotels are best for the children as the island is still developing and there is nothing to factor in keeping children amused for a weeks holiday.

Staying full board at a hotel is not necessary and can be quite punchy with the price as well that the cuisine becomes mundane, explore the local restaurants they are cheap and your taste buds will thank you

Local taxis are available if you don’t feel like walking, and the average price is around €4 to the town. Walking is the fun way to meet with the locals and  everywhere is accessible

The island is still growing, so limit your expectations for what you expect as it’s not westernised and I don’t think it should be. However with the invasion of tourism and big holiday companies such as Tui, Thomas Cook this naturistic island will be enveloped very soon.

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Definitely, a must visit!


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