Christmas Spirit…….

Ok so I am an overgrown kid at heart…. I still get excited a Christmas….:)

Over the years it’s become so commercialise, that we lose the sense of family that it should awaken.

I find myself counting down the days to when I can put up my tree and create that feeling of warmth, where I can cosy up with family and friends and share memories and moments of the months before leading up to that day.

I look forward to Christmas each year no matter which country I am in…the last few years I have been between the UK, and the Caribbean, but this year I am excited at the process of setting up my tree, lights and decorations.

The usual over eating and drinking whilst watching Scrooge on TV….(christmas is not complete without a showing of Scrooge)

Am I the only one with Christmas excitement? Or is there more people like me out there ? 🙂 


Until da Next Tyme 

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