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Copenhagen 2023

Copenhagen, I’m on my way back! My visit in the lead-up to Christmas was an absolute delight, surpassing all expectations. The city transformed into a festive wonderland, featuring Christmas markets that perfectly captured the holiday spirit. The stalls, adorned with twinkling lights and fragrant evergreens, offered an enchanting array of seasonal treats and unique crafts.

A delightful discovery was the presence of female nutcrackers, adding a refreshing twist to the traditional holiday decor.

Exploring the city’s landmarks during this magical time added another layer to the experience. The Palace provided a regal encounter, and the National Museum offered fascinating insights into Denmark’s rich history. The exquisite architecture, blending historic and modern designs, created a captivating backdrop to my Christmas adventure.

Denmark is home of Danish pastry, you can’t  visit without trying one, trust me your tastebuds will appreciate the experience


Copenhagen’s efficient transportation system is truly noteworthy. The exceptional subway, harbor bus, and train system allowed me to navigate the city effortlessly. Being able to reach any destination within 15 minutes maximized my time exploring Christmas festivities and iconic landmarks.

The cleanliness of Copenhagen deserves special mention, contributing to the overall appeal of the holiday atmosphere. Pristine streets, combined with festive decorations, created a warm and welcoming ambiance throughout the city.

There’s so much more to share, so let’s keep it simple:
1. Take the subway for easy navigation.
2. Try the harbor bus for a scenic 10-15 minute ride anywhere. Explore different routes to venture further north.
3. Indulge in street food.
4. Visit Sukaiba for amazing views from the 23rd floor.

Can’t wait to experience Copenhagen’s charm once again!


Until da next tyme

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