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Electric Diner …

My visit to The Electric Diner, nestled within the iconic Ned Hotel, was reminiscent of Diners back in the US with that perfectly blended retro charm with contemporary flair.

With a unique decor – a nostalgic nod to classic diners with a modern twist.

A quick spot to meet a friend and grab some nibbles.

Now let’s be clear it is a bit punchy in price and for the portion that you receive., but this is London

We shared the Mozeralla sticks, with the salmon Blinis and the chicken tenders, simple the Salmon was delicious!

What’s a Diner experience without a milkshake, right? The Electric Diner did not disappoint in this aspect either. With other popular cocktails on the menu, I went for an old favorite – Margarita …whoo it was strong …

The service was impeccable. The staff was attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The overall ambiance with the Electric Diner’s strategic blend of nostalgia and modernity, combined with the lively atmosphere of The Ned, made for a truly unique setting.

Will happily stop by again and it’s worth a pop-in.


Until da next Tyme

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