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Faro – Portugual

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Pestana Golf Resort in Faro, and it was an experience. The resort’s serene ambiance, coupled with its amenities, provided a truly relaxing retreat.

The accommodations were impeccable, offering modern comfort and breathtaking views of the golf course. The staff’s warm hospitality made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived. They were always attentive and ready to assist with any inquiries.

As this was low season, there was not a lot of staff available

One of the highlights of my stay was dining at the Marina for fresh seafood. With multiple restaurants to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

The seafood selection was exquisite and fresh with an evident passion for quality and flavor. The flavors were a testament to the freshness of the ingredients, leaving a lasting impression.

The Pestana Golf Resort’s proximity to Faro’s attractions and the Marina made it incredibly convenient for exploration. Whether it was a leisurely stroll along the coast or an afternoon on the golf course, every moment was thoroughly enjoyable.

There is a super enjoyable way to get around and see the sights

With a quaint narrow street with marketable goods, camel leather is a favorite here, so be prepared to shop.

A super cool place to visit, in whatever season


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