Ok so I am fascinated as to why ordinary people are so FASCINATED with the life of a celebrity.

  • What is it that makes you feel you need to know about their life instead of handling your own ?
  • why do you need to know what they eat in the morning ?
  • What is the fascisnation to know who they are sleeping with ?
  • Why is what they have in their house such a fascination, will you buy what they have ???
  • Is knowing where they are partying gonna help you get in ? Will they pay for you ?
  • Why should what they wear define you as a person ?

Seriously people , I would like someone to honestly comment and tell me the fascination of Living /reading and wishing about any particular celebrity lifestyle.

I know we all have dreams from our day to day drudgery, and wish to escape to a life of luxury and being pampered – but trust me these “celebrities” have the same dreams as you except their dreams, are filled with living and “ordinary” life where they are not followed , where they can just be themselves !

They are ordinary people that get paid lots of money for something that we as “normal” people can do if we set our minds to it.

They are entertainers and they go to work like the rest of us, except they dont have a camera following them to their day job, can you imagine your life now if that happened to you every day….wow I would be P**sed !

So what is the FASCINATION?

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