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Hotel Maritim Bonn…

Germany has been calling me, so I invested in a weekend and hung out with my girl and stayed at the Hotel Maritim Bonn.

On the outskirts, the hotel is huge with amazing conference space.

The staff is very helpful as we had a small issue. But they resolved it and threw in a few extras, a bottle of fizzy  🙂

The breakfast is fantastic; spend the extra for it as it’s worth it.

There was an event( NFC MMA ) at the hotel so it was super packed. this s was an added surprise

Try for rooms on the 5th or 6th floor looking from the front of the hotel.

There is a small pool which is ideal , however the sauna is the one that makes it relaxing, beware that swimsuits are not allowed in German sauna, so you just go in your birthday suit . so if you are shy, you need to overcome that as people dont care 🙂

There is a daily parking fee of €25 per day. But there is a small area for free parking which gets packed quickly so use that space rather than underground carpark.
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