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How to hack hotel prices …..

Get the most out of your hotel booking with some hacks for your holiday…

Get cash back
Add an extension to your browser that activates a cash-back option whenever you check out, and you’ll get money back – it really is as easy as that!

Book in advance, or last minute
Hotel prices are a little bit harder to predict than flight prices, but generally speaking, it’s best to book way in advance, or very last minute.

Remember your perks
Often workplaces, or your bank, give out perks that allow you to get a percentage discount. So remember to check everywhere for a saving!

Use free cancellation

Take advantage of hotels with free cancellation. Most hotels don’t need upfront payment and you can reserve a room at a good price and cancel if you find a better deal or location.

Loyalty pays off

If you prefer staying with a hotel chain, you can score major perks such as free nights, miles, early check-ins, and food and beverage discounts by signing up to their rewards programme.


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