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How to plan a group holiday (without the stress)

Whether you’re planning a wild stag do or rounding up the family for a multi-generational trip, we have tips and advice on how to plan, book, and get the very best out of a group holiday – you super-organised travel wizard, you.

Reunions, post-exam parties, ski trips – a group holiday with your best mates can lead to a trip you’ll never forget. Here’s how to make it memorable for all the right reasons…


  • Choose your friends wisely. Tommy’s here to hit the strip and party all night, while Sarah wants to sample the best museums and wine bars. Save yourself upset and arguments down the line by making sure you’re all on the same page right from the start. Ask yourselves, what kind of trip is this? If half of you want a cultural city break and the other half want a fly-and-flop beach holiday, then it’s better to plan different trips. 
  • Elect a leader. Some people love organising, while others are happy to sit back and go with the flow. When it comes to group trips, too many cooks, or, in this case, self-appointed travel agents, means nothing gets decided. Often, it’s easier if one person takes charge. That doesn’t mean it’s a dictatorship, though! The leader can research and send a list of possible options for the group to choose between.
  • Keep in touch. While group chats might have you reaching for the ‘mute conversation’ button when everything kicks off, there are a great way to keep everyone in the loop, discuss ideas and share links while you’re researching destinations and hotels. Once you’ve booked, set up a shared online document (like a Google doc), where you can add trip information and keep tabs on who’s paid who.
  • Share packing lists. If you’re trying to save on luggage space, or just like travelling light, sharing your packing plans in advance can be really useful. Lots of items can be communal if you’re all staying at the same accommodation, so you only have to bring one set of hair straighteners or a travel iron between you. Need some guidance? We’ve already compiled the ultimate packing list for you.


On the ground

  • Don’t split the bill. We’ve all been there. You’re in a restaurant, half the group are throwing cash in a pile and negotiating change, while the other half toss cards toward the frazzled waiter clutching a card machine. After all that, there’s still 40 euros mysteriously missing. Avoid these stressful situations altogether, by setting up a ‘kitty’ and giving it to the most responsible person in your group. Everyone puts in a certain amount of spending money at the start of the trip, and then this money is used for group meals and travel.
  • Book in advance. As a large group, you can’t be as spontaneous as a couple. It’s harder to wander into a restaurant for an impromptu dinner or just jump in a cab. While you don’t need to book everything beforehand, simply calling ahead a few hours before you plan to eat/travel will save a lot of aimless wandering trying to find somewhere that can cater to a large group last minute. 
  • Split up. Can’t agree on what to do? Don’t feel bad about dividing up into smaller groups. If some of you want to go shopping but others want to lounge by the pool, there’s no need to force everyone to do one or the other. You can all meet up for lunch afterwards to catch up – and you’ll have plenty to chat about!

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