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Arriving in winter, the extreme cold hits you, so before leaving, be prepared – 23 degrees is not to be sniffed at

hand warmers,
foot warmers
USB neck warmers

Iceland is one of the most expensive cities, so if you don’t have the money to flash, then we will look at cost cutting.

There are private drivers to meet you at the airport, which can be booked in advance, But they are five times more expensive than Uber.

Uber is not a thing here!

So buses are the main thing, , they are everywhere , cheap and cost effective, they all offer free WiFi to get you to your  hotel. Be aware a big bus will take you from the airport to a bus hostel , where a smaller bus will take you to your hotel.

Make a list of things to see/do, as there are many choices , the top contenders

Northern Lights

The Secret Lagoon

Godafoss Waterfall

Sun Voyager


Perlan Museum

Whale Watching

Golden Circle

Just to name a few  🙂

During heavy snow this is problematic, as you need to move your bags between buses. so be mindful

If you visit in the winter be prepared for maximum of 4 hours daylight , so the sun wont rise until around 11am , which can be a shock to the system.

There are many tours and they all offer the same, but shop around to get a good price.

Seeing this amazing site is worth it – nature at its best

The northern lights is a must whether you take a ride in the hills or view from a yacht on the sea, its a breath taking view when they show up

Staying in downtown Reykjavik is central as access to all things so walking or scooters in your mode of transport , everywhere is accessible by foot in the town.

Iceland is a cool place to visit and should be on the buckets list . I didn’t  have enough time to explore it all, but will be heading back .


Until da next tyme

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