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Milan is a Designer city, so if you are a shopper you are in heaven.

There is something for everyone in Milan, food, shopping, and cultural experiences.

Whether there for the weekend, you must visit the Duomo di Milano and bring your credit card 🙂

Wherever you stay in Milan City the subway is perfect for getting around, its direct, and

airconditioned with the ability to use your phone whilst travelling … amazing !!!

Once in Milan, it’s a must that you try the Gelato, I can recommend Venchi … this is to die for … yummy.

There are so many family-owned restaurants to discover, so be adventurous, there are the usual normal western fast-food eateries, but when in Italy, you must try the pasta, it’s fresh and super tasty.

Go on take a trip… you won’t regret it …Ciao

Until da next Tyme

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