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Papa L’s kitchen …….

My taste buds have been watering to try this new restaurant.

African Fusion Cuisine is the concept…

There is a backstory – a young boy with a passion for food and inspired by his mum as they both share a love for cooking, he developed the concept and food flavours drawing on his African heritage and injecting a modern twist.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Nestled on Jermyn street in London, a small nondescript space, but with amazing hospitality and food.

Lawrence, the chef, and founder can be seen in the kitchen, and the magic that he sends to your table show the love he has for his art.

Simple tasteful there are so many words which can be used to describe the mouth-watering flavours that I enjoyed, but let’s keep it simple…it was fricking AWESOME !!!


Chef Lawrence made a dessert that as a diabetic , I can eat all day and be happy , try the banana cake with plantain chips , just the right amount of sweetness without being too sugary .

A must visit if ever in london.

Until da next Tyme

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