Harry And Megan, Missy E

Royal Wedding …

This weekend the prince is getting married….London Town will be buzzing!

But is it only me, or are people just not that excited? They seem more excited that the pubs will be opened for 7 am on Saturday morning in celebration of the union

Why is that?

This is Prince Harry the fun-loving member of the royal family, why is the nation not super excited and jumping for joy ???

Overhearing conversations on my daily commute is quite an experience, some people love Harry’s choice others perceive her as a witch and believe she will dilute the royal blood.

It’s quite simple in my eyes, the heart knows who and what  it wants and if she makes Harry, smile, laugh and love life then she is fine in my books

Congratulations to the happy couple… looking forward to seeing babies 🙂


Until da next Tyme

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