Secret #1…5 Ways to stand out in the crowd

Hi All,

I am sharing secret #1 

  1. Catch peoples eye and acknowledge them individually, with a  smile , nod or even a wave.
  2. Take your time. the loud arrival may well irritate. Those who are remembered tend to make their presence known subtly but persistently.
  3. Think about your natural body space: imagine it is twice the size, then imagine it fills the room. Hold that thought, your body language will automatically increase your presence
  4. Listen and challenge what is being said. Having your opinion and standing up for it will ensure you make your mark.
  5. Be different. Don’t do the same as everyone else does, If the crowd seems still, make sure you are on the move, but if you are constantly shifting, then find a prominent place ( perhaps at the bar ) and stay there .


Until da next Tyme !

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