Secret #4..5 ways to juggle work, family and lovers….

Hi All,

I am sharing secret #4

  1. Make sure each person knows how important they are to you (no need to tell them the others are important too ).
  2. Put your partner first. Ask how their day went  as soon as you see them. If you turn off  “radio me” they will feel listened to – there’s so much greater chance the rest of your time together will be delightfully spent.
  3. Know what you want. Write down  all the roles you play : partner , client, boss, carer, child, friend,  and so on . Decide what percentage of your time you would like to spend in each role . This will give you a goal to work towards.
  4. Manage expectations. Usually better to be clear up front than gain  reputation for disappointing later.
  5. If it all goes crazy , take some time off for yourself away from it all. Recharging your batteries can be the perfect way to help you focus on what matters most.

Until da next Tyme!


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