Secret #5 … 5 Ways to gain an hour ….

Hi all,

I am sharing secret #5

  1. Think before you act . Its easy to get caught up in the wrong stuff. Thinking first means we do less but we do the right stuff.
  2. Have one to – do list for the whole week. Use it to focus on your priorities rather than getting distracted by everyone else.
  3. Match the task with your mood. Our levels of concentration vary during the day. We achieve more by choosing to do the most demanding activities when our natural energy is at its greatest.
  4. When you get stuck, ask for advise. Friends and colleagues can help you see things differently and may well know some practical shortcuts.
  5. Use travel time wisely. Make phone calls in a taxi, read the report you need to on the plane and whilst driving practice what you are going to say when you get to the other end

Until da next Tyme!


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