Secret #9… 5 Ways to relax….

Hi all,

I am sharing secret #9 

  1. Breathe deeply into your stomach. Inhale through your nose counting “one…two…three” pause for two seconds and then exhale through your mouth  counting “one..two..three.. four..”
  2. Imagine that you are somewhere that you normally find relaxing: what does it smell like, look like, what can you feel?
  3. Tense up all your muscles as tight as you can, hold this for 5 seconds then slowly release the tension completely .
  4. Brainstorm everything that is causing you to stress and break it up into two sections; those which are within your control and those beyond. Plan the action you can take within your control and seek help if you need it .
  5. Change the scene. Stop what you are doing, if only for five minutes and do something completely different. You wil feel fresher and more capable to cope with things when you have had a break.
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