Secret#17…5 Ways to get promoted….

Hey all,

I am sharing secret#17

  1. Go the extra mile. By doing more than is asked and volunteering for task, you will win over grateful allies and show you are ready to take on more.
  2. Network like crazy . The more people you know and get on with, the greater your chances of an opportunity coning your way when it arises.
  3. Have an opinion. You want to be seen to stand for something. Pick your battles wisely but make sure that you do have them from time to time.
  4. Enthusiasm is infectious.Show your excitement and commitment to the cause. Those with power will want you in a role where your energy is influencing others .
  5. Be ready to seize all opportunities even if they are obviously what you want. Body builder to Governor of California, carpenter to Indiana Jones- the route to the top is often unpredictable.


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