Sexy Fish


What’s good my fellow foodies …….

This week I headed to ‘The Sexy Fish’ , as there has been a lot of buzz about this place so I wanted to check it out, I am glad that I did 

The food is to die for and the presentation was mazing alonhg with impeccable service.

I can recommend the Grilled lobster, well cooked but just not enough of it 🙁 , it was way too small for the charging price.


B2ap3 Thumbnail IMG 20170106 1811069, Missy E

   Grilled Lobster

So to teach my tastebud new things I elected to try the caviar. Served with mini pancakes and cream.

If you have never had caviar , its a must try, an aquired taste but worth giving a shot  🙂 


B2ap3 Thumbnail IMG 20170106 1728254, Missy E



My taste buds were swimming with the Spicy baked sweet potato which was scrumptious 


 B2ap3 Thumbnail IMG 20170106 1817366, Missy E                                    

Spicy baked Sweet Potato                                                   


If you are looking for a very chic and sexy “IT” place to entertain where price is not an issue , then Sexy Fish can be recommended , but dont look to have change from £700 for 2 people.


Until da next Tyme  





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