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Sister wife ….

So recently while flicking through my tv channel, I landed on a show called Sister Wife…

I have travelled for many years and seen many things,  and this was something new that I couldn’t really welcome, maybe because deep down I am still a traditional girl at heart.

So whilst watching this show I had to dig deep to find the reasons why a woman would place herself in such a situation, as let’s be honest, this is everymans dream to have more than one woman and that they know each other and he doesnt have to hide and lie!!

I tried to walk in the shoe of the women to understand what it would take, and I honestly couldn’t do it?

Was it the thought of my partner sleeping with someone else and I knew about it??

Was it the thought of sharing him with another person??

Was it my insecurities that he is human and might like her for something that she can offer that I don’t???

Was my upbringing from a traditional background so set in stone that the thought was so alien and I couldn’t see pass my early training of what was the norm ???

Whatever the reason, which I couldnt fathom, I felt a huge amount of respect for the strength that these ladies must have to conquer their fears and any insecurities and be comfortable in that situation.

I for one beloved it takes a great deal of strength and whilst I believe I am strong, I don’t believe I could do it…

It’s not everyone cup of tea….. And I know for sure it ain’t mine….

Until Da next Tyme

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