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The best time to visit Dubai….

People will tell you, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter. That’s November to March, as the temperatures are more bearable and you’ll want to be outside. We’re talking highs of 35°C in November and 26°C in December. Temperatures hit 41°C in summer, so the air conditioned shopping malls will no doubt be calling. But while summer gets a bad rep because of the heat, there’s still plenty on offer.

When to visit Dubai: Make dreams a reality   

Spice market in Dubai

Hit Dubai in the winter and it’s your oyster. Step off the plane, your feet are on UAE soil and it’s time to get stuck in to this desert playground with no worries about the weather. You can hit the beach and work on your tan, stroll around Dubai Marina and get a true feel for the city’s soul by checking out its historic squares and buildings. The views from the Burj are the best in winter and the sea is calling.

But it’s not the only time to come. You might spend more time in the shopping malls in summer, but you can still stroll along the sand on the beach in the morning or evening. The jacuzzi-like temperatures of the sea are always worth it too.

Heading here in April to October also means less crowds at major attractions as well. Think of April to May and September to October as shoulder season. The temps are high, but not as high as summer and it will be much quieter than high season. In 2024, Ramadan falls between March and April making this the perfect time to immerse yourself in the spiritual and holy side of Dubai – the temperatures will be spot on too.

What to do in Dubai, all year round 

For many people, Dubai is a year-round destination. This is what you can get up to whatever the seasons in Dubai.

Sightseeing in winter

The cooler winter temperatures in Dubai open up the city to your every whim. Head up the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa – for breathtaking views across Dubai. The clearest skies in winter offer up the best views. Take a leisurely stroll along Dubai Marina in the colder temperatures to make the most of this spectacular setting. Head to Dubai Sports City for world class events.

Explore beyond the surface of Dubai in cooler months

The lack of blistering heat in winter means more chances to explore and discover what lies beneath Dubai’s shiny exterior. Visit Dubai Creek to discover the traditional markets and historical buildings of its Old Town. And don’t miss Dubai Miracle Garden – the world’s largest natural flower garden.

Shop to escape the heat in summer. 

Dubai Mall is the second-largest shopping mall in the world. Its air con will be a gentle relief from the heat. Plus, you’ll find more than 1200 shops and boutiques, the largest gold souk in the world and more than 150 restaurants.

Get a little spiritual.

Experience the spiritual side of Dubai with a visit to Jumeirah Mosque during Ramadan. It’s the most famous mosque in the city and one of the top cultural spots in the city.

Enjoy year-round culture

Get your cultural fix at any time of year at the Dubai Opera. This architectural masterpiece in Downtown Dubai hosts world class performances year-round.

Lanterns in Dubai


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