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Plant based ….

Recently the media has been filled with plant-based food stories … healthy living after a pandemic along with the cost of living has been at the front of society’s mind

If you are like me, that believe plant-based means the green lettuce, aubergine, broccoli etc

It’s time to reset your mindset.

Don’t get me wrong; I will not become a plant-based foodie overnight (I love me some chicken too much ); however, I am willing to explore the possibilities it may have.

So whilst staying with my close friend, she introduced me to plant-based meals, stewed peas without meat( Jamaican dish, generally made with oxtail and served with rice ) and curried mango …throw in some carrot juice with sparkling water.

I love food, it will always be a part of me , once the flavour and taste are not compromised; you have me sold. This experience was indeed an eye-opener.

I tasted  the stew peas and was immediately carted back to my days when mum used to cook this with meat; it tasted the SAME  and whilst I  was savoring the flavours that was attacking my taste buds , my friend  reminded me that I needed to taste the curried mango  that was patiently  waiting .

Lets address this …. who thought of currying a mango ??

Genius concept – why did i feel I was eating meat with the all the flavours including the seed which was like a bone that I wanted to chew and suck every last drop from …couple with my roti , I was thoroughly enjoying this mango dish like I was eating curry goat with roti…

I was in food coma heaven, my mindset has been altered about plant based food and whilst I will not fully be turned overnight, I will experiment at least once per week.

But,  don’t just take my word for it , give it a try and share your thoughts


Until da next Tyme

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